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Metallographic mounting press is also known as metallographic sample which is a kind of inlaying machine (hereinafter referred to as inlaying machine). It is suitable for pressing thermosetting plastics on tiny metallographic samples that are not plastic and difficult to handle. After forming, the sample can be easily grinded and polished, and it is also conducive to the microstructure measurement under the metallographic microscope.

In the process of sample preparation for metallographic analysis, the direction adjustment of the observation surface before being polished is generally to fix the direction of the sample with inlay resin. At the same time, the inlay can make irregular samples into a shape that is convenient for hand-holding, thus facilitating the control of polishing The process of fixing the orientation of the sample and standardizing the shape is called the inlay of metallographic samples. Later, with the appearance of automatic sample grinding and polishing methods and equipment, the inlay of metallographic samples has become a unified and uniform appearance of various irregularly shaped samples. Standardization makes it convenient to apply to the universal method of automatic polishing equipment.

Metallographic mounting press usually refers to the use of thermosetting resin to wrap the metal sample, after a certain temperature and pressure, the process of cooling and forming, also called hot inlay, this kind of heating and forming equipment is called metallographic inlay machine or metallographic hot inlay prototype.
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