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3D Scanner
The 3D scanner is a scientific instrument used to detect and analyze the shape (geometric structure) and appearance data (such as color, surface albedo, etc.) of objects or environments in the real world. The collected data is often used for 3D reconstruction calculations to create digital models of actual objects in the virtual world. These models have a wide range of uses, including industrial design, defect detection,  engineering, robot guidance, geomorphology measurement, medical information, biological information, criminal identification, digital cultural relics, film production, game creation materials, etc. application. The production of 3D scanners does not rely on a single technology. Various reconstruction technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, and the cost and price are also different. There is no universal reconstruction technology, and the instruments and methods are often limited by the surface characteristics of the object. For example, optical technology is not easy to handle shiny (high albedo), mirror or translucent surfaces, while laser technology is not suitable for fragile or perishable surfaces.
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Wuxi Jiebo Instrumentl Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. For many years, we engaged in the production, sales and customer service of chemical analysis instruments and related products. We not only have the advantages of scale of products and personalized service but also have the advantages in the process of technological innovation. The market share has been ranked counterparts and equipment exported to the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and other countries.
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