Do You Know How to Choose an Optical Emission Spectrometer In Three Steps?

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Author : Jerry He
Update time : 2020-10-26 09:20:59
With the further advancement of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the metal material industry is booming, and enterprises have put forward higher requirements for the quality control, raw material inspection, and factory material inspection of various metal materials. Optical Emission Spectrometer, as one of the basic testing equipment in the metal material industry, is widely used in incoming material inspection, quality control and factory inspection in steel, metallurgy, casting, machining and other industries.

As a necessary equipment for many enterprises, the optical emission spectrometer is not good or bad, the key is to suit the actual needs of the enterprise. So how do companies choose a suitable optical emission spectrometer for themselves?

Here we analyze from the perspective of the actual application of the spectrometer user. The so-called application is the selection analysis based on the material and actual function of the test, mainly from the following three aspects.

1. Material (matrix) and specific variety (brand) tested
For example, if a testing organization needs to inspect incoming materials, it may involve multiple substrates of iron, aluminum, copper... The user needs to consider a multi-substrate  OES. And some customers only make single products such as carbon steel or cast iron, so they can decisively abandon the demand for other materials such as aluminum and copper, and only need to consider a single substrate and make an iron-based curve. Because the more accurate the positioning, the arc spark spectrometer you choose is more suitable for the actual needs of the enterprise.

2. The brand, stability, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of the OES.
Through the understanding of the material, many companies will think that the application requirements have been met, and they will simply compare prices of the direct-reading spectrometers of various manufacturers. In fact, this is not the case. At this time, we need to make a thorough statistics on the factory products. For most companies, the brand effect of direct reading spectrometer manufacturers, the stability and accuracy of their products, must be comprehensively considered cost-effective.

3. It is whether the direct-reading spectrometer you choose uses the latest technology, whether you buy it or not, you will face technical backwardness, which is an obsolete product.
At present, the demand for full-spectrum direct-reading spectrometers on the market is far greater than that of channel-type direct-reading spectrometers. Everyone mainly considers that CCD full-spectrum direct-reading spectrometers have the advantages of low cost and small size, but the channel-type (PMT) direct-reading spectrometers It is expensive and large, but because of its high precision, it has won the favor of some customers.

Here is a new full-spectrum direct-reading spectrometer based on CMOS detector—Innovate T5 direct-reading spectrometer, which has the full-spectrum characteristics of CCD and high sensitivity (lower than PMT). Element detection also has high accuracy, and is the mainstream product in the direct reading spectrometer market at present and in the future.

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