JB-1000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Item No.: 04
The inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy
 can measurate elements more than seventy that diversified from microanalysis to constant analysis. It is wide-ranging application in geologic,metallurgy, thulium, plating, cement,oil,chemical,

Technical Parameters
Radio Frequency Generator (RF)
Circuit type: self-excited oscillation circuit, fully automatic ignition and all functions are controlled by computer software (ignition, flameout, power and other parameter settings). Real-time power control, automatic matching and tuning. Constant temperature of light room.
Working frequency: 40.68MHZ±0.05% 
Frequency stability: <0.1% 
Output power: 700-1600W 
Output power stability: ≤0.3% 
Electromagnetic field leakage radiation intensity: 300mm from the fuselage Electric field Intensity E: <2V/m
Sample Introduction Device
Output working coil inner diameter 25mm, 3 turns
Torch: Quartz torch with 20mm outer diameter
Coaxial sprayer outer diameter 6mm
Double barrel fog outdoor diameter 35mm
Argon gas flow meter specifications and carrier gas pressure gauge specifications 
Plasma flow meter: 100-1000 L/h, 1.6-16L/min
Auxiliary gas flow meter: 6-60 L/h, 0.1-1L/min
Carrier gas flow meter: 6-60 L/h, 0.1-1L/min
Carrier gas pressure regulator: 0-0.4MPa
The instrument is equipped with a secondary argon regulator valve: 0.3MPa
Metering Device      
Photomultiplier tube specification: R212UH
Photomultiplier tube negative high voltage: 200-1000V, stability <0.05%
Photomultiplier tube current measurement range: 10-12-10-4A
Signal acquisition is V/F exchange: 1mV corresponds to 100Hz
Optical path: Czerny-Turner
Focal length: 1000mm
Grating specifications: ion-etched holographic grating, line density 3600 lines/mm
                    Engraved area: 80×110mm, reciprocal of line dispersion rate: 0.26nm
Wavelength range: 190-500nm
Resolution: ≤0.008nm
Scanning wavelength range 3600 lines/mm Scanning wavelength range: 190-500nm
Stepping motor drive step distance: 0.0006nm
Entrance slit: 20µm, Exit slit: 25µm
Launch mirror specifications: (78 × 105 × 16) mm
Lens: ф30, 1:1 imaging
Machine Technical Indicators
Measuring wavelength range: 180-500nm    3600L/mm
180-800nm    2400 L/mm
Measurement accuracy (repeatability): average relative standard deviation RSD1%
Measurement stability: average relative standard deviation RSD≤2
Lower detection limit: sub-PPb 



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