JB-600S Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer

JB-600S Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer is the most advanced sulfur analysis instrument in China which is widely used to detect sulfur content in liquid, solid or gas samples. Compared with similar instruments at home and abroad, it has the chara

JB-600S Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer is the most advanced sulfur analysis instrument in China which is widely used to detect sulfur content in liquid, solid or gas samples. Compared with similar instruments at home and abroad, it has the characteristics of stable performance, high accuracy and good repeatability.

The total sulfur content in the sample is measured rapidly by ultraviolet fluorescence. The application of high precision AD conversion and computer technology provides a reliable guarantee for data acquisition, control and processing.

Main Features
 1  High Sensitivity
The JB-600S system uses ultraviolet fluorescence method to determine the total sulfur content which improves the ability of resisting impurity interference, avoids the blocking operation of the titration pool by electric method and the unstable factors caused by it, and greatly improves the sensitivity of the instrument. The key components of the system, such as PMT, UVP and FILTER, are all imported, which ensures the reliable performance of the whole machine.

The implementation standards of the instrument
SH/T 06892000  
ASTM D54531993  
ASTM D66672014
GB/T 17040—1997  
ASTM D -4294

System Configuration
Standard ConfigurationComputer SystemJB-600S System+Liquid Samples Analysis Accessories

 Computer               Main Unit          Temperature Control Unit                                      Liquid Sample Loader

Optional Accessories

Solid Samples Loader
Combined with liquid sampler, solid sample can be realized.
Automatic sampling. A powerful cooling device that can be guaranteed.
The sample boat is fully cooled.

Gas Samples Loader
The special gas expansion chamber ensures that the sample gas is sufficient.
Uniform heating; accurate gas quantitative tube can guarantee.
The data is accurate and reliable, and the dual channel design is convenient.
The gas content of the sample to be tested is selected.

 3  Operation Simply
Based on Windows System, the operation interface makes the operation more convenient and fast. You only need to click the mouse, you can complete all the parameter settings and condition selection, by the computer control data acquisition, processing, storage and printing.

Working Principle
The sample was introduced into the high temperature cracking furnace and the oxidation reaction took place. The reaction process was shown in (1) formula. The sample is completely gasified and oxidative cracking occurs at high temperatures of about 1000 C. The reaction products include CO2, H2O, SO2, and other oxidation products (hereinafter referred to as MOX). The sulfide in the sample was converted to SO2 quantitatively. The reaction gas is carried by carrier gas and the water in the membrane dryer is removed to enter the reaction chamber.
 (1)  R-N + R-S + O2 ————>  CO2 + H2O + SO2 +MOX
According to (2) formula, SO2 can be converted into excited SO2 under UV irradiation at specific wavelengths. When excited state SO2 is transferred to the ground state, photoelectrons are emitted. The optical signal is detected by a photomultiplier tube at a specific wavelength. And the intensity of fluorescence emission is proportional to the total sulfur content in the sample, so the total sulfur content in the sample can be determined by measuring the intensity of fluorescence emission.
 (2)  SO2+ hγ————> SO2+ hγ,,
When the instrument is used to analyze the sample, the corresponding standard curve is made with the standard sample of sulfur, and the sulfur concentration of the unknown sample can be obtained by calling the curve.
The instrument is widely used in petroleum and petrochemical industry, import and export commodity inspection, biological pharmacy, environmental protection, health, teaching, scientific research and other departments.
The instrument is suitable for determining the total sulfur content of paraffin oil, diesel oil, kerosene, gasoline, lubricating oil, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas, as well as other oils, chemical raw materials and finished products.
Main Parameters
Item Total Sulfur Detection
Sample Type Liquid, Solid and Gas Samples
Detection Method    Ultraviolet fluorescence methodS
Sample injection volume Solid Sample1-10mg , Liquid Sample5-20μL , Gas Sample1-5mL
   Measuring Range 0.2 ~ 10000mg/L 
Analysis Precision

Concentration value (ppm) Sampling quantity
0.2 20 ±0.1 mg/L
5 10 15
50 10 10
100 10 8
10000 5 5
Temperature control range and accuracy Room Temperature ~ 1050,±1
Gas Source Requirement High Purity Argon Gas>99.995%, High Purity Oxygen Gas>99.99%
Power Requirement AC220V±22V50Hz±0.5Hz1500 W




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