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Noble T7 Optical Emission Spectrometer

Our T7 Optical Emission Spectrometer use vacuum pump. It adopts the latest CMOS detector which can analyze UV elements without UV coating. Accuracy is good



Noble T7 Full Spectrum Optical Emission Spectrometer adopts the international standard of design and manufacturing technology. It uses the most advanced CMOS signal acquisition device from Japan Hamamatsu Co. Each CMOS can set the number of sparks separately. It adopts vacuum light chamber design and full digital excitation light source.. This CMOS Spectrometer is not only contain the feature of full spectrum of CCD spectrometer but also have the advantages of PMT spectrometer which has very low detection limit for nonmetallic elements. The design of the whole machine is reasonable. It also has many advantages such as easy operation, high accuracy test result, long-term stability etc.

Main Technical Parameters
Optical System Para-Runge-Roland Circular Full-Spectral vacuum optical system
High performance CMOS array
Wavelength Range:120~800nm
Grating Focal Length:401mm
Argon Gas Purity Requirement: 99.999%
Gas Inlet Pressure: 0.5MPa
Excitation flow rate 3.5L/min,Maintain flow rate 0.4L/min,Standby flow rate 0.1L/min
Spark Table Flexible sample clamp design
Hole Diameter :13mm 
Light Source Programmable pulse all digital light source
Discharge Frequency:100~ 1000 Hz
Discharge Current: Max 400A
Ignition Pulse:1~14kV
Weight 168kg
Dimension L760*W610*H1130mm
Working Power (220±20)V AC,50/60Hz   1200W

Main Technical Features
High Performance Optical System The arc flame generated by the excitation of optical system is directly introduced into the vacuum optical chamber by the lenswhich realizes the optical path through and effectively reduces the loss of the optical path.
High precision CMOS detector can accurately measure the nonmetallic elements such as C, P, S, As, B, N and all kinds of metal elements.
The test results are accurate, reproducible and long-term stable.
Automatic Optical Path Calibration Automatic optical path calibration.Optical system automatic spectral line scanningto ensure the correctness of the receiving and eliminating the tedious peak scanning work.
The instrument automatically identifies a particular spectral line and compares it with the original storage line, determines the drift position, and finds out the current pixel position of the analytical line for measurement.
Design of Plugged Lens The vacuum optical system adopts unique incident window and vacuum isolationwhich can be operated in the working state of the vacuum system. The optical lens adopts a plugged lens structurewhich is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.
Vacuum Chamber Integration The unique structure of the light chamber makes the volume of the vacuum chamber smallerand the vacuum pumping time is only 1 / 2  compared with the ordinary spectrometer.
The integrated design and highprecision processing of vacuum chambers ensure the vacuum status more durable.
Vacuum Anti-oil Technology Multistage isolation vacuum anti-oil technology adopts vacuum pressure differential valve to ensure the vacuum light chamber and vacuum complete isolation when the vacuum pump is not working.
The vacuum oil filter device is added in the middle to ensure that the vacuum pump oil does not enter the vacuum chamber and that the CMOS detector and optical elements work in a reliable environment.
Open Spark Table The flexible sample clamp design of the open spark table is designed to meet the sample analysis for various shapes and sizes at the customer site.
The  analysis of the wire can reach 3mm using a small sample clamp .
Jet Electrode Technology Using the most advanced spray electrode technology in the world and using tungsten electrode.Argon jet flow will be formed around the electrode under the excited state.So the excitation point will not be in contact with the outside air during the excitation processand the excitation accuracy will be improved.
By a unique argon gas design, greatly reduce the amount of argon gas consumption and save the customer’s cost.
Integrated Gas Path Module The air path system adopts the free maintenance design of the gas path module instead of the solenoid valve and the flow meter. The self-blowing function of the electrode creates a good environment for the excitation.
Digital Excitation Light Source Digital excitation light source adopts the most advanced plasma excitation light source in the world. The super stable energy is released in argon environment to stimulate the sample.
The full digital excitation pulse is used to ensure the ultra-high resolution and high stability output of the sample plasma.
The parameters of the light source can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the excitation requirements of various materials.
High-speed Data Acquisition The instrument adopts high performance CMOS detectorand each CMOShas the function of collecting and analyzing the data. It can automatically monitor and control the operating state of the modules such as temperature, vacuum, argon pressure, light source, excitation chamber etc.
Ethernet Data Transmission The Ethernet card and TCP/IP protocol are used between the computer and the spectrometer to avoid the disadvantages of electromagnetic interference and optical fiber aging. At the same time, the computer and printer are completely externalwhich is convenient to upgrade and replace.
Remotely monitor the instrument status, multi-channel control system and monitor all instrument parameters.
Prefabricated Working Curve With different materials and grades of the standard library, the factory prefabricated work curve before delivery which is convenient for installation and commissioning in order to timely production.
The analysis program will be different according to the metals and elements.The excitation and test parameter of the instrument has been adjusted well before delivery. According to the analysis program, the optimal test condition can be automatically selected.
The scope of analysis is attached to the specification and can be freely drawn or extended according to the standard sample supplied by the user.
Fast Analysis Speed The analysis speed is very fast. It only takes 20s for one test.
According to different analysis materials, by setting pre-burning time and measuring time, the instrument can achieve the best analysis effect with the shortest time.
Mufti-matrix Analysis The optical path design adopts a compass structure.The detectors are arranged alternately up and down so that all the spectral lines are received. Even though the hardware facilities are not added, the multi - matrix analysis can be realized.
It’s easy to add matrix, material types and analytical elements without hardware cost according to production requirements.
Chinese-English Language Software System The instrument operation software is completely compatible with Windows7/8/10 system.
The software is easy to operateeven if no spectrometer knowledge and operational experience.Only after simple knowledge of training can be used.

Main Core Components list and Origin
No. Name Brand Origin
2 Grating Zeiss Germany
3 Optical Glasses Zeiss Germany
4 Optical Fiber Agilent China
5 Slit lenoxlaser China
6 Filter TDK Japan
7 Pressure Sensor SSI China
8 Valve Block Airtac Taiwan
9 Digital Light Source Modular Jiebo Jiebo
10 Master Control and Data Acquisition Jiebo Jiebo
11 Vacuum Pump Ulvac China (Japanese sole proprietorship)
12 Vacuum Optical System Jiebo Jiebo
13 Firing Station Module Jiebo Jiebo
14 System Software Jiebo Jiebo
15 Computer Tongfang China
16 Printer HP China
17 Standard Samples National Standard China or Foreign brand





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