Leeb Hardness Tester

JBLH320 Leeb Hardness Tester

Item No.: 15
Instrument features
Suitable for multiple impact devices and 6 types of hardness scales are available for various applications
Embedded thermal printers, instant test report printing
Large and clear digital display
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Supporting Bluetooth transmission and wireless printing
Optional PC software with perfect data base function
Supporting data query, system characteristics displaying and bar graph displaying
Main functional parameters
Choose Testing MaterialsHardness ScalesMeasuring Direction and times of Tests By Button;  
Direct Display of Hardness Scales including HRB, HRC,HV, HB, HS, HL Show the Result of Each Test RepeatedlyAutomatically or Manually Remove the Wrong Test Results;  
Directly Output the Average Single Test Result or All the Results In One Time;  
Automatic detection of the Battery VoltageLow Voltage Warning for Battery protectionWith Battery Indicator Icon in Test Status
Instant Reporting
Plenty of status bar display, displaying Bluetooth, buzzer, error information, time, battery quantity and so on .

Technical Specification

Accuracy: +/- 0.5%
Repeatability AccuracyHLD:±4       HRC:±1       HB:±4
Standard impact device: impact device of Type D
Upper / lower limits setting:(170960HLD
Optional impact device: D/ C /DC / D+15 / DL/ G
PC Interface: USB2.0
Screen display: 128X64 dot matrix LCD,backlight and adjustable contrast
Measuring direction:360°(Test at any angle even upside down
Data memory:100 group of readings
Max.hardness of the measured work: 940HVfor D,DC,DL,D+15,C impact device
Radius of curvature of the measured work: Rmin=50mmIf using Alien Supporting ring, Rmin.=10mm
Recognition functionRecognize the type of the impact device by itself
Type of the printer: Embedded thermal printers
Measurable materialSteel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, aluminum casting alloy, copper zinc alloy(brass), copper tin alloy(bronze), fine copper
Detecting voltage automatically: alarm automatically when working voltage is less than rated voltage
Power: Rechargeable lithium ion battery of 2*3.7v, 1300mAh
Dimensions: 198mm x 82mm x 30mm
Size: 0.32Kg
Wireless transmissionSupporting Bluetooth transmission and wireless printing






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