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Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is a kind of atomic emission spectroscopy. It uses a high-energy focused pulsed laser beam to excite the surface of the sample, and the generated atomic spectrum is analyzed by algorithm to obtain the corresponding element composition and content. It is a fast, qualitative and quantitative industrial analysis method.
With the development of miniaturization technology of lasers and spectrometers, portable hand-held LIBS spectrometers have become a reality. Its advantage lies in the ability to bring sophisticated analytical instruments to the first line of production, which are mainly used for on-site brand identification of iron-based, aluminum-based, copper-based, nickel-based and other metal alloy materials and rapid identification of alloy material element content.
The handheld LIBS spectrometer can monitor the production process at high speed and efficiently, improve the quality management system of the enterprise, and increase the production efficiency. It is an indispensable link in the industrial production process.

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